So finally July is running fast and wild that means i got a birthday coming in a few days .7/19 Which is basically  the name of my upcoming EP (shocked?0 lol why would you be. Over the years i have done endless singles and never really did an album or an EP .And with the growth in my own art i feel like its finally time i share with my fans something they can put a finger on so will start with an EP .

Be sure to keep an eye on all the posts i drop and on other news.

I got some collaboration videos coming up with artists Omar and Allanto

check the first video.

Still got another one on the way so enjoy this epic hit.

Like i said July is my month also got Featured in this months PHAT BUZZ magazine on the Afro-Buzz segment.

So have a glance.

This my July update guys follow me on my social media pages and will be posted some new updates soon.